Courage Doesn’t Always Roar…

Courage Doesn’t Always Roar…

“You are more than what you have become”

Mufasa to Simba – The Lion King

For many millennials the idea of interacting with business executives can be intimidating. My question is, “Why should we fear what many of us want to become?” In fact, I believe business executives should act more as mentors than anything else. Whether it has been a nerve-wracking interview or an experience where you felt belittled by a professional, many of us have had that intimidating feeling.

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Can you think of a job you’ve had when you truly believed your boss did not know how to do their job? Well, that may be a little extreme. Let me reword, can you think of a job you’ve had when you believed your boss did not know how to talk or work with people? I once worked in a restaurant and one night we were extremely short staffed in all areas. We were short a cook, a dishwasher, and even a couple of servers, you can imagine how chaotic things were. Well, one of my bosses decided it would be the perfect time to yell at the staff. I was tempted to say, “With all due respect we are all trying to do the best we can and yelling at us is not helping.” However, I was extremely intimidated and felt there was no way I could express myself. If I was going to saying anything it would have been in a respectful manner because I was addressing my boss. My question remains, why didn’t I have the courage to express myself? You have probably been in a similar situation to mine and if you have been then you are wondering what the fix is. [Well, if you keep reading I can’t promise you an answer, but I can promise you a lot of rhetorical questions and the opportunity gain some insight through my opinions.]
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So what do I think is the fix? What is the solution for millennials who struggle with effectively communicating to business executives? Put away the technology and build some confidence. I have this hypothesis that blames the 21st century lifestyle for the lack of confidence. Now, I use the word hypothesis because one of my professors recently brought to my attention that people misuse the word “theory” all the time. A theory is well-tested and widely accepted, therefore my hypothesis suggests that technology is diminishing many of our social skills. Don’t get me wrong, I think technology can be a great thing. I mean it has evolved our world in such amazing ways, but I do think it is taking away from traditional learning and not to mention precious moments.

I remember when I was a child, my cousins and I use to play outside for hours. We use to imagine grass was money and shrubs were stores. Of course we needed cars to get from store to store, so that’s what we used tree branches for. My point is we had an imagination that technology was not intruding upon. Millennials grew up with technology surrounding them, but we were not submerged quite like we are now. I go out to dinner with my friends and throughout the entire meal their eyes are glued to their phones. Whether they Blog Pic 3are checking social media or playing the latest game, it truly irritates me, it’s almost as if they forgot how to communicate without some sort of device in their hands.

So, is that the answer to communicating with business executives? In my opinion, it could be. At the very least, I think it is safe to say that these devices are reinventing our social skills and probably not for the better. Are we busy concerning ourselves with how many “likes” we have on our Instagram pictures or what the latest activity is on our Twitter timeline that we have forgotten the fundamentals of verbal communication? You may think this is a foolish thought, but how do we know for sure that these things do not subconsciously affect us in our everyday lives, especially our confidence.

Sometimes I wonder what the next generation will be like. You know, those children who are automatically born with phones in their hand. If some millennials are having trouble communicating with executives, how do we expect the next generation to become professionals? Can you imagine what the future will look like with all this technology?

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I would sum up my thoughts by saying having confidence is key when communicating with executives and because practice makes perfect put away your cell phones, tablets, laptops and all other devices and start verbally communicating with the people around you.

P.S. If all my advice fails you, you can always try posing like a superhero, which has been proven to increase confidence, right before an interview or asking your boss for a raise. It is more commonly known as “posing power.”

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~Angelica Cabral, Bryant University ’16

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