Are You Imbalanced?

“Are You Imbalanced?”


Am I the only one who feels like I’m the busiest woman in the world and I never have time for myself at all? I’m constantly wishing the long day away and praying that the weekend comes just a little bit quicker this week. I find myself either in class, at my internship, working my on-campus job, or doing an enormous amount of homework that I just can’t escape from. By the time all of my work is finished for the day, I’m way too exhausted to do anything except crawl into my bed and curl up with my stuffed alligator, Pickle. When do I get time to just relax? How can I find time to get all of these responsibilities done and also do something fun for myself?

Work- life balance is something that almost everyone struggles with. I personally face this issue on a daily basis and some of my friends think I’m crazy for packing so much into a single day. However, the play is just as important to me as the work is; and being a college student means a lot more than just going to class every day. On top of school, you’re also expected to get awesome grades, go to work, and make sure you’re experiencing the social aspect of college as well. That’s a lot of things to check off of your list every day if you ask me!

The best advice that I could give anyone about work-life balance is to just make the time. I believe that when something is important enough to you, you will do it. If you prioritize your week and make a schedule of everything that needs to get done and stick to it, your stress levels will go down tremendously! When you’re creating this schedule for yourself, you have to figure in your social time as well. Even if it just for a half hour, leave yourself time to do something that you personally enjoy like reading or going to the gym. Make it just as much a priority as your homework. Maybe do a little extra homework on Wednesday so that you can go out and enjoy an evening with your friends on Thursday. You just have to try to move some things around in order to fit in the fun that you fantasize about during your dreaded 8 a.m. Monday morning class. With that being said, you also need to remember that it’s not always going to be balanced equally. There will be some weeks that you feel as if you have no homework to get done and other weeks you have three exams to study for. Unfortunately that’s just life and it’s not always fun or predictable.

Don’t look at your jam-packed schedule as something to be frustrated about. Look at your busy schedule and be thankful that you have so many things to do in a day. You may have a million things to complete but that also means you have a million things to be proud of! Doesn’t it feel amazing to finally finish that 10 page paper or get an A on an exam? Although parties are always fun, you will never get that same sense of accomplishment winning a beer pong game as you would landing that new job.

The greatest thing to do for yourself is just prioritize each task as it comes and enjoy your life. It really is too short to spend stressing about work or school. So don’t you dare forget to do something for yourself! Run your life, don’t let life run you!

~Alexis Luft, Bryant University ’16

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