Meet MSI Spring Intern Kassi LoPresti

College: Bryant Universitykassi

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Human Resources

Minor: Psychology and Communications

Internship: Management Search Inc.

Account Executive Intern


All about Kassi:

Kassi is a junior at Bryant University majoring in Human Resources and double minoring in Psychology and Communications.  She is the Vice President of Programming for her sorority Delta Zeta, and previously held the position as the Vice President of New Member Education, she is the Recruitment and Retention Chair for Colleges Against Cancer, and on the Relay for Life committee.

Where does Kassi get her motivation to succeed?

Kassi gets her motivation to succeed from her parents.  Her dad has been extremely successful in business.  Both of her parents have been very successful in raising a happy and healthy family.  Seeing her parent’s success is what motivates her to succeed in her professional and personal career.

Which destination or event has most shaped who you are in life today?

Moving from a small town in Connecticut, which was completely sheltered, to Bryant University has changed Kassi because it has enabled her to expand her knowledge of diversity and has pushed her to see and take advantage of all the possible opportunities for her future.

What are Kassi’s future career goals?

She hopes to work in HR or recruiting for a financial company.  This summer she will be interning in the HR department for Liberty Mutual.

Why did Kassi choose to intern at MSI?

Kassi chose to intern at MSI, because of all of the great feedback she heard from past interns, as well as the staff at Bryant. She knew that MSI would provide her with hands on experience in the field of recruiting, which is what she hopes to pursue in her future career.

What are some of her responsibilities at MSI?

Some of her responsibilities include sourcing candidates, writing blog posts, updating social media pages and writing press releases.

What skills do you hope to learn from this opportunity; professionally and personally?

From this internship, Kassi hopes to gain further experience in professional speaking and writing.  She hopes to build her skills in interviewing and sourcing candidates as well.

How did she hear about this internship?

Kassi found out about this internship through John Poirier, a professor in the HR department at Bryant.  She then wen to the Bryant Career Connections page, found the internship posting and applied for the internship.

During Kassi’s off time, she is most passionate about..

Kassi loves spending time with her friends and family.  Whether it be skiing in Vermont, lying on the beach in the Outer Banks, NC (her family’s favorite vacation destination), or any other times with her family and friends, Kassi is the best version of herself.

 What is her dream car?

White BMW X5

What is the most exciting destination Kassi has ever traveled?

Through Bryant University’s Sophomore International Experience, Kassi was able to travel to Prague, Czech Republic and Budapest, Hungary.

Where is the one place she would want to travel in her lifetime?

Kassi would love to travel to Florence, Italy.  Her parents have been there before and believe it is a perfect fit for Kassi, plus who doesn’t love Italian food?

What is her favorite Rhode Island Destination?

Her favorite place in Rhode Island is Federal Hill in Providence, because of all the Italian restaurants, and the environment of the outdoor square in the summer…it is a truly remarkable area in Providence.


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