Meet MSI Spring Intern Kaitlyn Durso

College: Bryant Universtiy15134808_10154248253416896_8138119643357609179_n-1

Graduation Year: 2017

Major: Management

Minor: Psychology

Internship:  Management Search Inc.

Account Executive Intern


All about Kaitlyn:

Kaitlyn is a senior Management major with a minor in Psychology at Bryant University and is a member of the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority.  During her time as an undergraduate, she served as the Sisterhood, Social and Honors Council chair, as well as on the slating committee for her sorority.  In addition to Sigma Sigma Sigma she was the VP of Scholarship for the Panhellenic Council as well as the men’s basketball manager.

Where does Kaitlyn get her motivation to succeed?

Kaitlyn gets her motivation to succeed from the type of lifestyle she would like have in the future with family and traveling.  She believes that her happiness in life will come from the feeling that she has succeeded.

Which destination or event has shaped who you are in life today?

Studying abroad in Florence helped Kaitlyn to learn and develop as a person. She had to learn how to do many things for herself.  For example when she got sick she went to the doctor, spoke what little Italian she knew, and was able to get the medicine she needed.  Kaitlyn has had the privilege to travel all around the world with her family.  However, because she was with them she never had to plan anything.  While she was abroad, she learned to plan trips, arrange the tours she wanted to go on, bought tickets for different events, and more. She was always a very independent person, but going abroad made her less dependent on my parents for the little things.

What are Kaitlyn’s future career goals?

Upon graduation this May, Kaitlyn hopes to pursue a career in either corporate event planning and marketing, or in the field of human resources.

During her off time, she enjoys:

Kaitlyn enjoys traveling and going to the beach.  She also loves to spend time with her family whether it be a day at the beach club, or a weekend in the mountains snowboarding.

What is Kaitlyn’s dream car?

Cadillac Escalade.

What is the most exciting destination Kaitlyn has ever traveled to?

The most exciting destination’s Kaitlyn has traveled to are Florence, Italy and Munich, Germany during Oktoberfest.

What is the one place Kaitlyn wants to travel in your lifetime?

Kaitlyn would love to travel to Bora Bora, or Tahiti to relax and spend time on the beach.  She would also love to travel to Denmark, Egypt and Ireland to travel and explore.

What is Kaitlyn’s favorite Rhode Island destination?

Newport, because she loves to see all the mansions.  In Newport, Kaitlyn finds it very peaceful to walk around the shops, or along the beach.

Why did Kaitlyn choose to intern at MSI?

After taking two HR classes at Bryant she felt that HR and recruiting could be a great fit for her and she wanted to get more hands on experience to see if she would like the field.  She spoke with her professor John Poirier and he gave her a lot of great insight on how helpful this internship would be.

What are some daily responsibilities in the intern role?

On a daily basis she researches different companies who are looking to hire new employees and then research individuals who are in that area and career path.  She also creates blog posts and update our social media.

What skills does Kaitlyn hope to learn hope to learn?

She hopes to learn more about a human resources and recruiting career to see if this is the best fit for her upon graduation.

Advice to Undergraduates:

“Searching for internships and jobs can be very difficult and stressful.  My advice would be to not settle or give up on the search, because you want to gain the most experience you can and ultimately enjoy the work you are doing.  Use all of your resources like the Amica Center, different websites like,, etc., talk to students that have held internships in your major, talk to professors, and use Bryant’s alumni.  It may seem strange to reach out to alumni via LinkedIn, however, they are there to help in whatever way they can.”


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