Meet MSI Spring Intern Tori Pollock


College: Bryant University

Graduation Year: 2017

Major: Human Resource Management

Minor: Communication

Internship:  Management Search Inc.

Account Executive Intern

All about Tori:

Tori is a transfer student who originally went to Southern Connecticut State University as an accounting major. She switched majors because she realized she likes to use interpersonal skills and the detail oriented side of business. On campus, she is part of the Bryant Singers, Relay for Life as a committee member and team captain as well as the Business Fraternity, Delta Sigma Pi. She really enjoys spending time with family, including her golden retriever, Marley.

Where does Tori get her motivation to succeed?

Tori gets her motivation from a friend she had lost. By remembering her, she does everything she can to make the most of all the time she has here.

Which destination or event has shaped who you are in life today?

Her time in Adirondack, New York has shaped Tori the most. Her family has a house there and there is no cell service which has helped her not be reliant on technology. The time spent there with her family has shaped her as well. This has specifically helped shape her family values. During her time in Adirondack, she has developed a love for hiking.

What are Tori’s future career goals?

Although Tori has in interest in HR Management, she wants to continue developing her skills and continue to learn wherever she does end up. Growth opportunity is important to Tori whether it is with just one company or with multiple companies.

During her off time, she enjoys:

Spending time with friends for sure, singing, hiking, and volunteering for Relay for Life.

Current Netflix Series?


What is Tori’s dream car?

Maroon Jeep Wrangler

What is the most exciting destination Tori has ever traveled to?

St. John, Virgin Islands

What is the one place Tori wants to travel in your lifetime?

Tori would love to travel to Ireland because of the open space and beautiful scenery and “touristy” places.

What is Tori’s favorite Rhode Island destination?

Milkshake place YUM!

Why did Tori choose to intern at MSI?

Tori chose MSI after meeting Tony at a SHRM/DSP speaking event about interviewing. She had DSP brothers who have interned with MSI who explained what the internship entailed. After talking to them, MSI seemed like a great opportunity to get hands on experience in a potential career field.

What are some daily responsibilities in the intern role?

For Tori, each day is different. She is involved in the candidate search through the candidate preparation. She also creates blog posts and social media content for MSI’s different platforms.

What skills does Tori hope to learn?

By the end of her time at MSI, Tori wants to be able to interview someone professionally and improve her candidate searching skills. She also wants t0 embody the confidence of being an HR professional and see if recruiting is the right fit.

If Tori could have dinner with anyone alive or dead, who would it be and why?

Tori would have dinner with her friend Catherine who passed away to see how she’s doing and just reconnect.

What is Tori’s favorite sports team?

The Boston Bruins

What was the last restaurant Tori ate at?

Olive Garden – Yum again!

What is Tori’s favorite social media platform and why?

Tori really enjoys Instagram because it’s like her own little scrap book.

What was the last place Tori traveled to?

Tori was recently in Okemo, Vermont for New Years. She was able to see family and ride mountain coaster which was the highlight of her trip.

Advice to Undergraduates:

“Utilize places on campus to help the intern/job search. Talk to your professors because they have tons of experience and connections. Be sure to work hard and keep up your grades because they really do matter. Get involved on campus because you gain valuable experience and things to talk about in an interview.”

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