Meet MSI Summer Intern Christian Martey

From: Centerville, Virginia

Education: Bryant Universitychristiann11

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Human Resource Management

Minor: Communications and Psychology

Internship: Management Search Inc.  HR Intern


All about Christian:

What are Christian’s core values in life?

Respecting one another, building trusting relationships, and being a genuine person.

Where did he get his motivation to succeed in both football and academics?

Christian feels that football and academics go hand and hand. In order for him to continue playing football, he needs to meet the requirements both in the classroom and on the field.

What made Christian decide to attend Bryant University?

After his knee injury,  he had to start being realistic about his future and saw that Bryant had the perfect balance of academics, social life, and football.

What is Christian’s next move after Bryant?

Christian strives to become a pro football player with a backup plan of building his way up in the business world and seeing where it takes him.

Does Christian have any career goals he’d like to achieve some day?

Someday he’d like to leave an impact on something or someone important to him. Giving back to both society and to the people who have helped him get to where he is today.

What does Christian like to do during his off time?

He enjoys experimenting with new recipes, working out, and spending time with friends.

What is his favorite movie?

Christian enjoys watching anything that makes him laugh.

What is the one place Christian wants to travel in his lifetime and why?

Christian has always wanted to explore Europe and would also love to visit Australia and spend time with some of his family who live in Sydney.

What is Christian’s favorite place to go in Rhode Island?

Mission Burger in Newport

What is his favorite sports team to watch?

Red Skins

What is Christian’s go to social media platform and why?

He enjoys snapchat the most because of all of the new features and filters it includes each week.

What is Christian’s dream car?

Chevy Corvette Z06

What is his dream house destination?

Anywhere off the shore

If he could have dinner with anyone dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Christian would like it to be his mom. With him living in Providence and his mom in Virginia, they never get to spend much time together.

What is one key thing Christian took from the MSI internship so far?

“What I have taken from this experience so far is that it’s not about how much money you are making or what position or title you have within the company, it’s about finding something you have a passion in and looking to where you can make a positive impact on something or someone.”

What made Christian choose MSI for a summer internship? 

He has had past interns who have told him nothing but great things about MSI and Tony.  He was also told that MSI was the most beneficial internship they have ever had and it has prepared them for future jobs in the workplace.

What skills were Christian hoping to learn during this internship?

He has improved in his written communication skills and has learned to listen. “Being able to turn an interview into a free flowing conversation  is a valued aspect in the work place” Christian says.

What advice would Christian give to the next MSI interns:

“Come in with an open mind, and be prepared for a challenge. If you have any questions, his door is always open. Be ready for him to critique you and walk in everyday with positive attitude.”



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