Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover

Growing up in Vietnam, my parents didn’t have an ordinary childhood like most. They had to grow up while the Vietnam War was taking place. They would see people they cared about dying and live their lives not knowing if that day was their last. In 1993, they decided to come to the United States. They had nothing by 10 dollars and my older brother in my Mother’s tummy. They knew that coming to the U.S would help their kids live a better life then they did. They heard about other people coming and having more opportunities that Vietnam couldn’t offer them.

People all over the world come to the United States for one reason, which reasoning and that is to better their family’s future. They want their kids to live a better life then they did. The U.S gives people hope that there is a place out there that will help their current situation. United States is a place for people to leave corrupt government or war torn country to start a new life.

Even though Vietnam was not the dream place to grow up in, it was their home. They had family there, they knew the area, and they had people that would always be there for them. Coming to a new place and having to start all over was scary. But they believed that it would be the best for their family’s future.

After arriving in America, they bounced around friend’s couches, my father didn’t want my mother to work because she had to take care of my older brother. He didn’t work for much but he needed the money because he had a family to support. People treated him like dirt but he still got up every day before sunrise to get to work. It was not easy for them coming to the United States, but through my father determination they, found success.

They are now citizen of the United States. They came to America with only 10 dollars and now own a house and 2 businesses. It was not easy but they did it. They worked hard, earned everything they have, sent 3 kids to college and accomplished everything they dreamed of while traveling to the U.S many years ago.

They are my heroes, they taught me the right ways of doing things. Nothing in my life will be given to me. If I want something, I have to go out in the world and earn it.

People judged them on their looks, the clothes they were wearing, and how they spoke. They never let that affect them and became great and successful people.

As a result I don’t judge people because I was taught to give everyone a chance. Hating people takes too much energy and who knows, they could wind up being your best friend. My parents were immigrants, they have been through many struggles just because of their appearance. They fought and never gave up on giving their kids and a better place to live. It didn’t stop them from helping others, they give back to the community even though people question their actions. They taught me that people need to take a step forward and help others because if you don’t, then who will?

Everyone want to be successful. I am one of them. I need to because if I’m not then I feel that my parents sacrifice everything for nothing. I’m going to be a great business man but what matters the most is how I will treat people and become successful the right way. I’m going to do everything the right way and help people while I do it. After reading this, I challenge you to not judge others based upon what they look like or what they wear, but to be open minded to others and accept them for who they are.blog1 pic

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