Meet MSI Spring Intern Bridget McLean

fileFrom: Braintree, Massachusetts

Education: Bryant University

Graduation Year: 2018

Major: Management

Minor: Psychology

Extracurricular: Her Campus and Founding Member of Alpha Sigma Alpha

Where do you get your motivation to succeed?

I am very self-motivated.  I often find competing with myself to be the best way to challenge and push myself to being my best.

Which destination or event has most shaped who you are in life today?

Coming to Bryant has shaped my life the most. I am a completely different person then who I was when I first came here. At Bryant, I have learned who I am and discovered the path I want to be both from a career perspective and as person.

When Hollywood makes a movie about your entire life and career, what will the title and tagline be?

When my life turns into the film My Left Orange Croc, Mindy Kaling will be playing me.

Why did you choose Bryant?

When I first came to Bryant, I had no idea what Bryant was and I applied blindly. When I was here, everyone was so friendly and nice that I actually cried.  While it was embarrassing and my father was concerned about me, I knew this was it. I felt like I belonged.

If you could have brunch with anyone three people, dead or alive, who would they be?

I would love to have brunch with my Grandmother. She was an interesting and driven woman who did what she believed in. I would love to pick her brain to know more about her.  Once when she was a 30-year-old, she chained herself to a fire house to prevent it from being torn down and now it is still there! It’s pretty incredible what she did and I would love to talk to her.

Second would probably be Michelle Obama, she seems really cool.  She is a motivated, driven woman with passion. She did a lot with her role and I admire how she did the best she could with her position as First Lady.

Third would be Kanye West. I’ve always loved his music and his personality is so interesting.  His brain is different than the average person; he’s crazy but interesting.



What made you join a sorority?

In my time at Bryant, I have been involved with lots of different things such as Public Relation for Players and President of Her Campus.  For my Junior year, I was wondering what was next that will further my reach and think in a different perspective.  Alpha Sigma Alpha was just founded and I liked how I would have the opportunity to be a first mover. I can start traditions and help other girls to where I was in my life. I can help them feel motivated and empowered plus I met underclassman that I would have never known which is amazing.

During my off time, I am most passionate about…

Helping others. I don’t find much off time because I am always pushing myself, but I often put it into other projects and helping my friends. I like to help!

What is your spirit animal and why?

I wanna say goat. I don’t know why, I just think they are really cute and always try to make peoples day.

Favorite movie?

Dead Poet Society.  Anything Robin Williams touched is gold.

What is the most exciting destination you’ve ever traveled to?

Spain. In high school I went to Madrid for a week with a host family.  What was really awesome was that I was there for the Easter celebration.  There were parades in the streets and everything.  It was a great time to be in Madrid.

What song would describe you and your best friend?

Count on Me.  We are roommates and are always there for each other, whether you like it or not.

Where is the one place you want to travel in your life?

Africa. I had always thought it was the same throughout until I took an African History class and learned so much.  I want to go there and experience the rich cultures and diverse scenery.

Favorite Rhode Island Destination?

I love going to Downtown Providence. There are always events going on and it’s fun to see the new and different festivals and such. It is hip and happening!

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