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Being a senior in college, I have gone through many trials and errors with increasing my productivity and output. Many people ask how I personally handle my life as a graduating college student, my part time job, searching for a post-graduation job, and an internship on top of that. Let’s just say it is not easy, but my routine helps. It isn’t always easy but a routine is a way to help yourself in the right direction.

There are many different ways to assist yourself in your own success. For many college students and young professionals establishing a routine is a key to their day to day success. A simple routine for the day can help jumpstart a successful day. Getting a little extra sleep since your clothes are already laid out? Sounds like a start to a successful day. Reducing time spent on menial tasks can boost productivity. Here are a couple ways to improve your overall time management and productivity within your day to day routine.

  1. Lay out your clothes the night before

My mom definitely taught me this when I was younger, and I never listened until I was pressed for time and rushing every morning. I would go through ten outfits that I didn’t like in the morning, and be greeted to a wrinkled pile of clothes when I got home from work. Picking out an outfit or two that you would want to wear the next day takes out all the morning frustrations, and you are much less likely to mix up your navy blue and black pants the day before.


  1. Position everything you need together

Always looking for your keys in the morning? Pop them on top of your lunch. When you look to grab your lunch, your keys will be right there. It’s an easy way to jog your memory and reduce the amount of time scrambling in the morning.

  1. Make your bed in the morning

If you’re like me and need a coffee or three to wake you up during the day, making your bed in the morning is crucial. Your bed helps you rest up for the next day, making it in the morning is a way to make your night time routine seamless. There is no fiddling with the sheets and pillows if you have already made it in the morning, there is less of a hassle at night.


  1. Keep an up to date calendar

A calendar is a routine’s best friend. If something is coming up, write it into your calendar. Get an electronic calendar if it appeals more to your lifestyle. I use Outlook’s calendar feature. It is easy to input reoccurring meetings, like class or work. It is also easy enough to just pop it in to your calendar. It makes remembering things easy and effortless.

  1. Schedule time for yourself and friends

This might sound bizarre, but adding time for yourself in your calendar can help keep a balance in your schedule. It is a part of a well-rounded routine to block off time for oneself. Whether it’s used for Netflix or going for a walk, it is up to you. This will reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed by work.


  1. Schedule time for applying for jobs or internships

A part of being a college student is the next step. Sometimes it can seem overwhelming, planning a time each week to search and apply for jobs can make it painless. It will also put your mind at ease, knowing that there are no deadlines approaching that you have missed.

These small steps in order to put yourself in a good routine can reduce stress, boost time management, and increase productivity. Try it for a couple days if you don’t believe it and I am sure you will be feeling more in control and balanced.


Bridget McLean 

Bryant University Class of 2018

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