Taking Time to Make Time

First thing I’d like to say is that it’s great to be back. Some of you might know that I interned here at MSI during the Fall of 2016 and wrote a blog about mixing business with art. It’s been over a year since my last blog post and my life has gotten Businessman standing and making his choice between timesmuch busier. Since the last time you heard from me, I have joined the Executive Boards of The Bryant Singers, Bryant Improv Troupe, and the Creative Writing Club. I am also directing Heathers: The Musical, trying to get the school’s theater fixed up, started an Inter-Arts Council to help market the different arts groups and I’m in the professional fraternity of Delta Sigma Pi. That’s all on top of five classes, endless homework and an amazing Internship at MSI. I do all this while trying to juggle a social life and get at least four hours of sleep every night!

You may be asking yourself “How does he do it?” The reality is that I don’t know. I have countless commitments, a multitude of meetings and an interesting internship to keep me intrigued. I get up at 7am every morning. I shower, get dressed make breakfast and head out the door. My days consist of either the internship or class followed by Creative Writing Club and the Bryant Players E-board meetings on busy-scheduleMondays. On Tuesdays we have The Bryant Players general meeting. Wednesdays, I go right from the internship to The Bryant Singers E-board meeting followed by two hours of singing. Thursdays I have some time off after class and usually do some laundry. Friday I almost always have some kind of meeting followed by BIT E-board and the general meeting itself. Plus, rehearsals for Heathers: The Musical, Monday through Thursday from 9 to at least 11 and various Fraternity events throughout the semester. I have to do all of that while finding time to eat, study, sleep, workout, breathe and do all of the other work that needs to get done outside of these commitments.

In short, I am a very busy person. With early mornings, late nights and constant activity in between, there isn’t much time to relax. Luckily, I enjoy what I do. It’s a crazy, jam packed life that I live but it’s definitely one I wouldn’t trade for the world. relax-05While this crazy life is a lot of fun it is extremely important to not get burnt out. Sometimes I need to take time out of my day, in order to make time to sit back and relax. Sometimes it’s hanging out at the dining hall a little bit longer than you need so you can talk with your friends. Other times it’s going to Denny’s with 20 people after rehearsal. And once in a while you need to go back to your room and take a nap.

The way I see it, being able to juggle everything that I’m doing now, will simply prepare me for the rest of my life. The chances of me being as busy as I am at all hours of the day once I’m out into the world after graduation are slim to none. Still, even if I have a simple 9 to 5 job, I think I’d get bored with the monotony that kind of life brings. There’s something exciting about having so many different things going on and I’m not sure if I’m going to be ready to give that up just yet.

enjoying life

Michael Criscuolo

Bryant University 2019

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