The Kindergarten Konundrum


Ever since you were a child in kindergarten, you were taught to cross out the difference, spot the difference and circle it or fix the mistake.  There are dozens of names for this exercise that is constantly performed in elementary schools around the county.  As you progress through school, you are taught the proper way to form an essay.  The recipe was clear: topic, three supporting subtopics and three details per paragraph.  If you followed this structure, you were guaranteed a good grade. Your whole life you are taught how to be successful by fitting in and you were rewarded for unoriginality.


This lesson to be unoriginal is plaguing the newer generations.  We are taught that if you are different or try a different style, you were wrong and punished.  It also created a generation that needs constant approval.  If you are told you are wrong often, it caused the need to be sure you are doing the right thing and not wasting anyone’s time doing the material incorrectly.  While there is a time and place for repeating a known process such as arithmetic and grammar, for more creative outlets such as innovation and writing, there is a lack of courage to stepping out of the box.

Erasing mistake

People often refer to Millennials and Gen Z-ers as “wimps who cannot do anything for themselves”.  This is common misconception.  Yes, the younger generations are lacking the confidence to dare, but it is not for lack of ability.  The younger generations are extraordinary at research and are fearless when it comes to technical capabilities.  The younger generations are beyond talented and have skills to truly make a difference in the world.  The thing preventing the Millennials and Gen Z-ers is courage to dare.  Instead of being coddled and trained to need approval, we need to be taught that it is ok to take risks and make mistakes.  Not even that it is ok but rather it is something to be encouraged.  All too often people say it is ok to make mistakes but in practice there is little comfort for those who make mistakes in an educational environmental.  This, on top of the entire burden that is social media, created young people who are terrified of failure.


Everyone knows that failures are a part of life, but no one wants to experience the pain of knowing your actions led to mistakes.  We are not taking the chance to be successful at the cost of what could go wrong.  We are crippling the world of endless possibilities with the fear of looking foolish.  As the generations that are living through the stress of always being monitored by our peers through various social medias and while also being taught in schools that differences are something to fix, not celebrate.  No wonder there is a timidness about taking chances!  It’s a problem that has plagued us for years and it is going to take personal actions to undo the years of uncertainty and fear.

cyber bullying

I challenge all Millennials and Gen Z-ers to try something different today.  I challenge you to step out of the comfort zone and purposely open yourself to an uncertain situation.  Write a story in an unconventional manner.  Don’t use that filter on the selfie you are about to post to social media.  Do something that you enjoy doing or that you have never tried before despite how your friends might perceive the activity.  Take a chance on disapproval.  Instead of crossing out that difference, put a heart around it.  Differences need to be celebrated.  If we were a totally homogeneous society, we would have never been able to move forward into civilization.  Do not be afraid of success because it comes with the chance of failure.  Try to avoid actions for the sake of approval or safety but rather do what you believe is right.  The people who are truly successful are those who are unafraid to try.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  Learning to take chances takes time, but by taking small steps to being a more confident, daring self will pay off with being a courageous, successful individual. So I encourage you to go out and put a heart around that difference; make a mistake today!

you willl be fine

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