Valentina Godoy: The Intern from the “Bucket”


Richard Ukele: Good Afternoon Valentina, I know you’re a Rhode Island Native, but where exactly are you from and tell me more about yourself.

Valentina Godoy: I’m from “The Bucket” also known as Pawtucket, RI. I’m an HR Management concentration at Bryant University and I am also a member of Bryant’s Multicultural Student Union. MSU, is a Union for students of color to explore different cultures, as well as providing a more diverse environment for our student body.

RU: That’s nice, I’ve only heard good things about Bryant’s MSU program before, but I wanted to ask you, you seem like a well-rounded young woman, what motivates you too be so successful?

VG: My parents, my parents came to the United States for a better life, they worked their tails off and have managed to put multiple kids through school. Seeing them work so hard and be so successful fuels me to grow and do better not only for myself, but for my family.

RU: Did you go to any other schools prior to Bryant?

VG: Yes, I actually went to Suffolk University for three semesters, but I felt that going to a big time city school wasn’t for me and when reviewing transfer options, Bryant seemed like a match made in heaven. Bryant was closer to home for me and I fell in love with the small school atmosphere.

RU: I love your accent by the way; you said you were Colombian if I’m not mistaken?

VG: Yup, 100%

RU: Other than Colombia where is one destination you’ve been to that you absolutely loved and where would you love to travel.

VG: Paris, simply because of the culture from the people to the food to the fashion, it was an amazing trip. Secondly if I were to travel somewhere new it would have to be Egypt. I have to go with Egypt because that’s where my best friend is from and I have to visit with her, so yeah Egypt hands down.

RU: Okay final two questions, would you rather own a private boat or a private plane?

VG: Private plane! I get way too seasick and I would love the comfort, availability and efficiency of owning my own private plane.

RU: Last question, would you rather star in a movie or direct one?

VG: Direct a movie.

RU: Why?

VG: I can’t be in front of a camera, that is way too much pressure and I would rather tell people what to do ha-ha.

RU: Thank you for taking the time out from your day to do this Valentina

VG: The pleasure is mine, thank you!



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