Meet Summer Intern Nolan Wilson

Version 3

Name: Nolan Wilson

Hometown: Wenham, MA

Education: Bryant University

Major: Management

Minor: Communications

Extracurricular: Football, Management Association



Where do you get your motivation to succeed?

I would definitely say my mom. For most of my youth, my dad was in the hospital, during that time my mom was doing everything and holding it down for the family. My mom motivates me to be the best version of myself and be successful.


What has been your most eventful moment at Bryant University so far?

I would say that my first weekend at Bryant was pretty eventful. I got to meet all the people I would spend the rest of my four years with. It was great to meet other college students I could relate to. It made me realize that my four years at Bryant were going to be amazing.


When Hollywood makes a movie about your entire life and carer, what will the tagline be?

It would be “Perseverance”  because throughout my life perseverance has been a main factor. I have had dyslexia, and throughout my education I have had teachers tell me I wasn’t going to be able to make it through school, but here I am, a year away from my bachelors degree.


During my off time, I am most passionate about….

Helping others. I like being able to know I can make an impact on others lives.


Aside from football, what is your favorite thing to do?

I love going to the beach. Going to the beach reminds me of my childhood because I grew up on the beach and my parents got married on the beach. Overall, going to the beach brings me back great memories and I enjoy it.


What is the most exciting destination you’ve traveled to?

The two places I’ve been to outside of the US is Canada and Jamaica. Jamaica was definitely my favorite. What I enjoyed the most about this trip was the nature of Jamaica and getting to see a different culture. I was also able to go on this trip with one of my good friends from high school so I felt like this definitely enhanced the overall trip.


What is the one place you want to travel in your lifetime?

India. My mom is half Indian, and I would love to see where my mom’s family comes from and experience the culture.


Favorite Rhode Island Destination?

Narragansett Beach.  Like I said earlier, the beach is my favorite place and out of all the beaches I’ve been around this is definitely one of my favorites.

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