About Management Search, Inc.

Management Search (MSI) offers people the opportunity to change their lives and the lives of their families for the better. As a retained search firm, our client companies trust that we have a thorough understanding of their culture and can evaluate the match between a candidate’s dreams and desires and the clients critical requirements and position responsibilities. We enable candidates to achieve their goals by facilitating the match which in turn contributes to the success of our client company.

MSI has made a commitment to quality that is reflected in the service we provide to our clients. We believe that such a commitment is essential for our success as well as for the success of our clients. We assert that the MSI Quality System will enhance our reputation as a relationship-focused search firm that provides the highest levels of service, which are the result of the continuous efforts of all of our employees to adhere to the proven methods in our search process.
With offices located in Rhode Island,  Massachusetts and Connecticut, MSI is a shared risk search firm with global reach and borderless search capability. Utilizing its ISO 9001:2008 registered 30 step search methodology, MSI boasts a 99.2% success rate. MSI conducts assignments for senior talent throughout the manufacturing, industrial, financial services, life science, and consumer products industries.
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