The Golden Treasure

unnamedPerhaps you have come across the generic grey and black mushrooms that are sold in your local Stop & Shop but I guarantee you that you have never come across the golden, aromatic and fleshy looking mushroom that shines like an exotic golden flower when observed from a distance. Good looking and golden in taste, the chanterelle mushroom is a delightful attraction for most culinary experts in Europe, the United States and Asia. Not only is the chanterelle mushroom golden looking and golden in taste, it is also golden priced.       

Each Summer my family and I travel to Italy to visit my father’s side of the family. The area my father’s family is from is called Trentino-Alto Adige, which is a region in Northern Italy. The region borders both Switzerland and Austria. The region also encloses part of the Dolomites, a section of the Italian Alps. My grandparents house is surrounded by tall alpine trees and peaking mountains. Knowing the area quite well, I take it upon myself each summer to go mushroom “hunting” for chanterelle’s. I say hunting because it takes many skills, such as concentration and patience. The chanterelle mushrooms are very difficult to

unnamed-1find but they are usually found in mountainous forests among grasses and low growing moss or herbs. If you are not willing to get your hands dirty, then you will be unsuccessful in your hunt because the mushrooms are usually hidden beneath the moss. Although a frustrating and sometimes messy process, the feeling of actually finding the mushrooms is all worth it in the end. Not only can you simages.jpgell them for a good price, usually $10 a pound, but they are also extremely delicious once they are cleaned and sautéed. With that being said, never again settle for your boring Stop & Shop mushrooms! Do some research and find a local market that sells chanterelle mushroomsYou will not be disappointed.

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