Walk Where Your Heart Leads You

equality 4

Every individual has a past that molds them to who they are now, they also have different journeys that make them who they are now. Without taking the time to listen and comprehend, we won’t know them at all. Taking the time to get to know someone, will help us understand that there is good in everyone. We might find that they are not what people around us or the media make them out as at own core, we are all human beings.

What happened on September 11, was a terrible thing that changed the world. People have a certain view of Muslims because of those few people. Just because a few people did something terrible doesn’t mean Muslims are all evil. It is difficult to change our views because of the tragic event but by doing so it’s a step in making the world being a better place. We can’t hate and be angry of all Muslims just because a few people.

I personally witnessed how that event changed people’s perception at Muslims. There were people that would make fun of the way they dressed and their religion. Why? There are reasons for what they do but people don’t take the time to understand it. All hear is that they are Muslims and the switch in their head thinks they are a bad person based upon a few people. It shouldn’t be like that, people should never be treated like that.

Now, people are discussing building a wall and making it harder for people to enter the United States. Why should we do that? If there were laws and barriers in the past then no one would be living in the United States but the Native Americans. Some people think that restricting people from coming in the United States would help us be safer. Because of a group of people that attacked the United States, people think that if you’re not from the United States then you are out to harm our country. Not all immigrants are bad. People like Albert Einstein, Sergey Brin, Dikembe Mutombo, Joseph Pulitzer, Anne Elisabeth Claiborne, Freddy Adu, Arnold Schwarzenegger, were immigrants that came to the United States and accomplished incredible things.

equality 2

In the past people of all races fought together for a purpose, for their kids to live in a better world. In the media, you see a lot of stories about people harming each other. The results are people dying. For what reason? Is it because of their ethnicity? Would our ancestors be happy with the world we live in now?

equality 1

There are people out there that are getting harmed because of the way we are treating each other. Michael Brown, VonDerrit Myers Jr, Zachary Hammonh, etc are perfect examples. These young kid’s lives were cut short. They could have been the next governor for their states, we will never know now. People need to acknowledge what is going on in the world. At this rate, our ancestors died for no reason.

We all need to work together instead of going against each other. We have to unite to make a difference. In Martin Luther King, Jr famous “I Have a Dream speech”, he said “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.” People have to treat others the way they want to be treated. Before judging people on their appearance, everyone needs to take a step back and listen and understand each other.


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